About Katlav Winery

Katlav Winery, one of the first boutique wineries in Israel, was founded in 1998 by Yossef Yttach and is located in the tranquil hills of Nes Harim.

Since it's founding, Katlav Winery focused on production of wine from only the highest quality grapes,  grown in the Judean Hills. The wine ages in barrels for a minimum of 24 months, with special care and attention to every bottle.

Katlav's wines are Kosher Lemehadrin (Not Mevushal). 

 About Katlav Winery

Katlav- our Mission Statement and Philosophy



From decadent grapes to decadent wine, Katlav prides itself on not only creating an exquisite drink, but also an exquisite experience. A family built boutique winery, Katlav offers a home away from home for all wine lovers.

When asked how Katlav recommends wine pairings, our answer may surprise you; 

'We believe that the wine you love is the wine you should drink'. 

Katlav believes in the body and taste of it's wine, and recommends you pair any Katlav that you like with any meal you like. 

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 Office: 972.2.570.3575

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E-mail: info@katlav.co.il

Address:Nes Harim 8, Israel 

972.2.570.3575  -  info@katlav.co.il  -  Nes Harim, Israel

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